Status Quo

by Behind Deadlines

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released December 1, 2016



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Behind Deadlines Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rock with horns.

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Track Name: Biochemistry
Hey kids welcome to class, it's Biochemistry. Everybody's got a chip on their shoulder. But that's okay because we're empty inside and we don't even care if the whole world ends today. Hey welcome to class, let's grab an Erlenmeyer flask and watch the awesomeness hit critical mass. Just hanging out with your buds, you never knew what's in your blood; can't wait to tell your mom, can't wait to tell your dad that we are gonna mix stuff up today in an empirical way. And there's no greater display of what I'm trying to say: just take a look at the world. And everything it's taken from me. I can't take this. I'm losing my humanity. It's Biochemistry. I must have been oxygen and you were hydrogen. We were combustive like the sun. Just like uranium, it's so unstable. I want to destroy it all now that you're gone, my god, I can  you hand me that glass? I've got a plan and a half that you can tell your mom and you can tell your dad that we are gonna blow stuff up today in a hysterical way. Come on don't look so afraid, let's all just welcome the grave. Cause it's the end of the world. Hey kids, welcome to class. It'll be the last one that you'll ever have. Grab some goggles or a gas mask. Like it’s gonna matter anyway. It's Biochemistry.
Track Name: Sick Of It All
I’m sick of it all again and I can barely stand to watch this band on stage. I’m hitting the wall again and now it all just seems like they took my dreams away. I’m sitting at work again and I’m wondering if this broken feeling is my new life. Say goodbye to the man with the stupid band. Toss another empty bottle of rum; we spent the whole weekend drunk because nothing is fun anymore. Throw some Hulu on the tube around 8:00 and watch a movie we hate and that maybe we've all seen before. Sarcastic commentary's wearing us out, and now it all feels the same, but there's no one to blame but ourselves. Call it a night because we're tired and slow, and so we miss our friend’s show, and we already planned our excuse. We’re useless. Bad humans. Critical, cynical, miserable inside. We’re losers. No future. Complain, but never change at all. Catch up with Facebook in the middle of work and judge the people we know until they're not even friends anymore. Overanalyze the sites that they post and treat it all as a joke; look at them differently than before. The irony is we don't look at ourselves or care for anyone else, and we'll  all  become what we abhor. Reserving judgments that we'll never convey, and feeling bitter all day, and we'll never admit what we are. And I wonder why I hit the wall. And I wonder who’s to blame, and if I can’t change, why I’m here at all?
Track Name: Laid Off
They're calling secret meetings, gossip's breeding, who is next? Each week we're waiting, hoping; workload's choking us to death. And we all still remember how it was and how it should have been before they built revolving doors here. And we all still pretended things could go back how they used to be. But we all know they never will. Whoa-oh-oh, you got laid off. And now you're thinking that it's too late to try again. It's too late to start all over. Whoa-oh-oh, you lost your job. And now you're feeling that deep regret inside your head. You worked so hard and now you're sinking again. Can't shake this empty feeling; mind’s repeating past events. High costs and underfunding, overspending’s down to cents. Now you're sinking again.
Track Name: Hey Dear Friend
Hey Dear Friend, Where did you go? I think we lost you to the rabbit hole,
But you’re still here in flesh and blood, Just something’s different. You went and chugged that looking glass and now it’s full, And I don’t know if I should take you for a fool, But you’ve abandoned your stool! Liquor tastes thicker with you not around, And I can’t tell which way is up when you’re not drinking me to the ground, And this whole town don’t seem so stressed about losing another aged pessimist, You won’t be missed, but you sure as hell will be missing. You’re engaged, and I’m enraged. Wipe that smug look off your face, ‘Cause you can’t lead your own parade, When your marching band’s not being (paid), attention to; you fell right off the map. Do you remember who showed up when you felt trapped? (Drinking alone, home with a bottle of Jack.) You won’t be missed, but you sure as hell will…but you sure as hell will, but you sure as hell will be, but you sure as hell will be missing.
Track Name: Making Change
I’m really not that kind of guy to raise my voice or cause a scene, so this may seem strange when I say to go the hell away. And I’m not one to throw a rock or point a gun at anyone. But if you push me, I just may. And I’m drowning in this life I had with you. But I’ll race my way back to the top, I’ll never stop, I’m through. I’m gonna make change right now, because I’ve waited for too long. And I’m ready to feel better than I ever have now that you’re gone. And I’ll prove my senses wrong. I won’t crack inside, I’ll just crack a smile. And things can be about me for a little while. Well it won’t be long before things start looking up for me. And my only big regret is that you’ll never see how wrong you can be because you make me feel so low. I’ll never let you see how high I can go. No longer open to this torture you’ve inflicted on; thank god it’s over! And you’ll just sit here worrying about yourself. And no surprise, I’ll close my eyes, and when I open them I’ll find somebody else.
Track Name: Six Months
I've got six months and one big headache on my mind. Say nothing happened, but you know that I waited on you. You weren't quite ready and you said you needed time. So now it's funny that we both act like that was the truth. Now I'm left with never knowing what's coming next and the emptiness feels just like depression, but I know that you took second best, and I won't wait in line; these next six months will be mine. You've proved impossible to remove from my life. I see you often, and you worry that I'll be uncool. You shouldn't worry cause I'm not that kind of guy. You would have known that if you gave me the chance I gave you. Now I'm left with never knowing what's coming next and the emptiness feels just like depression, but I know that you took second best, you went with the safer investment. But I won't be around when it ends. I'll be done posturing; done with pretending. And I know you'll hear this song and unfriend me. I won't wait in line; these next six months will be mine. Never knowing what's coming next and the emptiness feels just like depression, but I know that you took second best with a feeling you’ll never lodge from your chest, but I'll never hear your silent protest. You killed all of my emotions invested. I’ll have to do what's in my best interest. I won't wait in line; I'll make the best of this life.
Track Name: Sink or Swim
Just wrote my best song in years, Now I’m facin’ my worst fears, Hearin’ you’ve lost your will to play, Motivation’s gone astray, If you think it’s time to quit, Tell me, “What have we accomplished?” ‘Cause you can’t quite sink a ship that’s never sailed. It’s sink or swim, Get out’ (of) the brig or walk the plank, Don’t have the time to preach and argue with a crew that’s always tanked, This ship may have run ashore, but it hasn’t run its course, Grab the oars, I see the tide is rollin’ in. We started off as just recruits, on a mission to go fishin’, never wanted all the loot, But when we saw the golden shores in the distance, somebody shouted ‘Chicks Ahoy’, We started landin’ all the hos. We owned an isle for a while until Paradise Lost every coin that we acquired through the luck of the toss, And so we raised up the sails and sold our souls to the gales, but the winds never decelerated and the waves were equally as rough I guess you could say we were Lost at Sea, but the lighthouse on the horizon might be closer than it seems. We ended up as just deckhands, scrubbin’ the galley for our sal’ry, savin’ up for foreign lands, But when the ‘X’s finally led to Atlantis, we had to dive to brand new lows only to find when we arose, Rows after Rows of Interceptors flying fancy new flags, declaring Maritime was over for us dregs in our rags, And so unto the abyss, we pledged to always resist, since the real treasure’s the adventure, raise our hooks up as an iron fist. When you’re forced to decide, exchange the stocks, It’s better to search for Candied Island than be safer at the docks.
Track Name: Optimism
I say that I’m OK. My apathetic, automatic feedback. Just ticks to keep you safe. My mind’s been tattered, scattered thoughts, contagious. Incongruous lies in every breath. Life is smiles, laughter, sorrow, death. They fear me. Revere me. I’m just the product of my intentions. I’m questioning “isn’t it great to be alive?” Lost in translation, what is optimism? A foreign body in my mental prison. Held captivated, there’s my motivation. I’ve never been quite good at fluent conver-sanctimony lacks the right finesse. Deciphering a genius or a mess. Am I an enigma or a joke? I guess I’ll never know. Fluctuating bad to worse to great. Elevated mind, destructive state. They fear me. Revere me. Both seem inconsequential intentions. I'm questioning "isn’t it great to be a lie?"
Track Name: Worthless
Don't drag your fatness around here anymore because I'm tired of seeing it. Don't talk to me because I'm not your life support, and I'm not here to babysit. I'd rather eat dog turds and ralph than hear the next words out your mouth. Why don't you go get a life and just stop bothering me? And stop it with all of your lame complaints. And stories about how your mom ate paint. In the months before she gave birth to you. Oh well, maybe I made that part up. Go away, and I'll never have to hear your voice again. Please don't stay to argue everything that isn't right for you. Go away, and I'll never have to see your face again, drives me insane, and while you're at it, could you die? Because you're worthless. You know I’m tired because I just got off of work but you're still here and you’re complaining. You like to say that I'm a jerk. Guess I'm the mirror that you're framing. And yes, I left that one light on the fifteen minutes I was gone. And for god's sake, I guess you’re right, this is the end of the world. Just like when your hair clogs the tub. Or when you cook and the alarm goes off. Or how about how you make my life worse? Every, every single day that you're here? Stop bothering me!
Track Name: Escape From Philadelphia
You know it barely made a sound when this city died? An empty sigh was the last we ever heard of what we thought we'd never lose and spent our pointless lives diffusing the opinions of a crowd who had the upper hand in every single fight. You know our heartbeats kept the pulse of this scene alive? But they were slowing  from  the daily grind of living in a place we saw had given up and got lost in the making of a world that gave them everything and never asked if anything was real. I feel like we have got to run away to somewhere else. Hop a plane and get far from this hell. Looks like we wasted half our lives. It's true now; we can never make it right. Let's blow all of our cash on the next flight. Escape from Philadelphia tonight. We felt the cold when they closed all the venues down. The new year came and we looked around and saw that all our champions were gone and all the mighty ones had fallen and the audience was silent and we didn't even have a decent fight. We had to fold when big money took over town. "We're sorry guys, but we’ve gotta save ourselves, and when you take the cost of power and the door guy times the hours minus any type of effort or community, you'll see that we are right" We always said it would never
Track Name: Drinking to Brazil
Well we'll take another drink and we'll talk about our lives and you'll ask me for that money that you lent me for that flight and I say I'll pay you back if it all turns out alright because we all want to get back out to Brazil. So I'll buy this round, pour cachaça on the ground for our brothers on the other side of Earth, the drinks abound. So we'll drink some caipirinhas, eat coxinhas till we drown cause we're drinking to our friends out in Brazil. Como esquecer aqueles dias, bebendo rum e querendo mais em uma van com mais duas bandas, e o idioma tanto faz. Estamos bebendo até de manha e atingimos o fim dos melhores tempos juntos no brasil. (In English: How could we forget the days? Drinking rum straight from the bottle. In a van with two more bands, and their language? Not a problem. When you're drinking at a gas station at 4:00, you've hit the bottom of the best time of your life out in Brazil.) So I'll buy this round, pour cachaça on the ground for our brothers on the other side of Earth, the drinks abound. So we'll drink some caipirinhas, eat coxinhas till we drown cause we're drinking to our friends out in Brazil. Essa rodada é nossa, vire a cachaça no chão pros irmãos do outro lado do planeta que viram então bebemos caipirinhas comemos coxinhas até morrer e brindamos com os amigos dos states.